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Welcome to mmmmm_angel, the place to post slash, het, gen, dark and light fiction and art dedicated to our favorite boy/vampire, Angel. Here you will find all material featuring Angel/Liam/Angelus in the form of fiction, poetry, recs, meta, videos and fanart. This community is set up so that members can post their fiction, or links to it, their poetry, their icons, and other fan art.

Anyone can join - it's an open membership, but you do have to be a member to post your fiction, poetry, recs, meta, videos and fanart.

You must be over 18 and broad-minded to join mmmmm_angel. At this time, we aren't requiring members to show their birthdate, but if we should have a rush of members under 18, then we will make it a requirement.

There are a few rules that members must follow:

  1. Anything can be posted as long as it features Angel in some way. Angel as an important secondary character is okay, as long as he plays an important role to the work, but primarily, he should be the lead in any featured work. We do not welcome stories bashing Angel, obviously.

  2. Posts can come in the form of fan art (graphics, images, wallpapers, icons/avatars, manipulations, etc), videos, fiction (novels, drabbles, ficlets, etc.), and poetry.

  3. Any rating is acceptable, but please be sure to include it. Pretty much anything goes, as long as it's centered around Angel, including AU, human (meaning Angel or Spike is human - if you are pairing him up with Spike), BDSM, non-con, food and any other kinks you can think of. Stories with plot and plain old PWP are allowed. Stories can be hurt/comfort, romantic, fluffy, or just the general vamp type of relationship with lots of biting and bloodplay (lol).

  4. Anything over 100 words should be put behind an LJ Cut.

  5. If you are posting artwork larger than an icon or more than 3 icons, please put it under a cut, excepting a small story or art teaser. Typically, we like these to done with the following coding:

    [a href="URL of image"][img src="URL of image" width="200"][/a] -- replace the [ ] with < > to get the coding to work.

    This coding can be used for a teaser image for your fic or art. However, no nudity above the cut, please. No Exceptions. Any art you include should be marked as work safe or not work safe for the benefit of members.

  6. NO hotlinking pictures, manips, icons, or any graphics to sites other than your own.

  7. NO reposting of fandom creative work without permission from the creator. This includes, fan fiction, artwork, icons, graphics, and fan videos. Fan videos that are on You Tube or other video hosting websites can only be posted with the video creator's permission.

  8. If you are found to be posting work made/written by another and claiming it as your own, you will be immediately banned from this community.

  9. Crossover fiction/art featuring Angel is allowable.

  10. As a suggestion for people to best understand your offering, please include the following information at the beginning of your fiction: Title, Author, Pairing, Rating, Feedback, Spoilers, Warnings (if necessary), and Summary.

  11. Please fill in the subject line of your post. It will make it easier for the moderators to achive your work in memories, which will then make it easier for the reader to know something about the story before they click on the link. That way, if it's titled as AU Human, and the reader doesn't like AU Human fics, then they can bypass it altogether. Here is an example of a subject line: Story Title - Pairing - Rating - Type of Fic (i.e. AU, Canon, AU Human, etc) - Chapter #

  12. Please tag your fic. We have provided a list of tags that we set up for the community. Use as many that pertain to your fic or whatever you are posting. If there isn't a tag that fits what you are posting, please email me and I'll add the tag to the list. Then you can go in and edit your post to include the new tag.

    As the tags are used, they will show up on the right hand side of the main page of the community. In the meantime, below is a table of all the tags for you to refer to.

angelus/willowangelus/xanderannouncementsartworkau ficbanners
bdsmbondagechallengescon crossover ficdrabbles
gen fichethet ficiconsliam/buffyliam/connor
liam/xanderlink bannersmanipsnon-conpoetrypuppet!angel/ofc
slash fictagsvideoswallpapers

We will also be setting up art prompt and ficathon challenges celebrating Angel/Angelus/Liam which would run over the period of a month. Stay tuned for details.

How to link/cut your work:

Use of LJ cuts a must for stories.

Coding as follows:

[lj-cut text="MY STORY TITLE"]


Replace [ ] with < > and the coding will work.

You may link to this community and not use cuts here. This community is a traffic hub for people to find your work, so feel free to link it back to your lj. Here is the coding to do that:

[a href="URL of my story on my lj which I get by opening the story body under the cut and saving the coding in my browser window and copy and pasting it here"]My story, chapter 10[/a]

Replace the [ ] brackets with < > brackets to activate the coding.


all_fics_btvs, angelovesdawn, autumn_of_angel, darker_spike, loving_angel_69, winter_of_angel, _xangel

Do you have an Angel community and want to affiliate with us? Please contact angelspike69 by email.

Link To Us:

Here are some small banners to use if you want to link back to us. Please download to your own computer and upload to your own hosting service please.

Here is the url to use to link back to Mmmmm...Angel - http://community.livejournal.com/mmmmm_angel

Layout Information:

The coding for this layout was created by amavel_bel (Mabel) and tweaked by angelspike69. The community header and icon were made by rec_goddess.


Please be sure to leave feedback if you enjoy something you find here, since it keeps the community lively and gives enjoyment to writers and artists.

And last but not least, enjoy the community!

Co-Moderators: angelspike69 and jans_intentions


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